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Whiskey and Fruit

Whiskey & Fruit is a high energy event band that will get the whole party dancing.  Comprised of talented, highly trained musicians from  the GTA, Whiskey & Fruit’s repertoire focuses on modern top 40 and classic hits from the last four decades.  Led by Ukrainian born guitarist Sam Rutman, our band blends flawless covers with spontaneous, creative interludes to build an  exciting and memorable live experience.  Dedicated, professional musicians, our players have collectively performed throughout Europe, Israel, Canada and the US midwest.


Our band’s musicianship and engaging, charismatic front vocal line create an expansive and flexible array of repertoire. Our sound is rich and unique, blending dynamic vocals, intricate guitar work and attention to detail.  We specialize in  building sets that are customized for each event, harnessing the energy of the crowd and pulling them onto the dance floor.