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Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson is a lot of things. A fantastic guitar player/singer/songwriter is among these things.Be it a solo performance, an acoustic duo, or a full band show, he and his unique gaggle of musical friends put together a fun, danceable night of live music that will keep the audience grooving all night long.

All of these outfits have the experience necessary to put together a smooth, professional, enjoyable night of music, but still have the youth and enthusiasm required to turn it up to 11 and have a crazy night, all the while smiling ear to ear!

These cats can play blues, soul, country, pop, rock and roll, R&B and everything in between!

“Ive been watching Tyler Wilson evolve as a performer for years. As a fellow musician – I tend not to impress easily. I can honestly say that whether Tyler is in a solo or band setting, each performance is not only enjoyable – it is impressive. Musical selections are excellent – paired with his honed skill as a vocalist and amazing guitar playing abilities – each performance is guaranteed to entertain. If I am offered a gig and unable to perform – Tyler is my first call – I have referred him many opportunities and the reports back make me proud of the decision to trust him with the referral – everytime.” – Craig Peeling, Musician