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Rock and Roll, Top 40 Dance, R&B, Country, Reggae
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The Real McBrowns

The Real McBrowns (TRM) is an epic band that can bring a lot of fun, excitement and quality entertainment to any event. They have the music in their blood and the passion to put on a spectacular show every time.Their musical act delivers Rock & Roll classics from the 60’s to today, Top 40 Dance, R&B, Reggae, Country hits, and their own collection of original material.

TRM is made up of two sets of brothers which brings a certain dynamic to the stage. Bringing brotherly love, some good time bantering and all around strong musicianship have people singing along to the music, clapping their hands and up dancing.

Tom and Steve McCormack are from an East Coast family with a “rich musical background and many years of experience”. Coming from a family of 12 including their parents the house was always filled with live music, family and friends. Hearing the words “just one more tune” was the norm for these talented brothers.

Jeff and Reg Brown are equally talented musicians originally from the Toronto area. They had the house that everyone came to and was always welcomed. There are stories floating around about their younger days and how they played a mean game of Hide and Seek and no location in the neighbourhood was off limits. Their smiles grow big with excitement whenever it’s mentioned.

Steve McCormack (Keyboards, Harmonica, Bass, Backup Vocals, Percussion)
Home town: Hamilton, Ontario
Steve tickles the ivories and brings his charm and charisma to the forefront whenever he plays. Steve’s been the resident piano player in many blues clubs or wherever there is a piano. He is multi-talented and has contributed to various band’s CDs. Some bands even want to steal him away from TRM but he remains loyal to his “family”.

Tom McCormack (Lead Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Percussion)
Home town: Burlington, Ontario
Tom is an exceptional guitarist and when he plays his guitar it seems to be a part of him. He is a gifted songwriter who has written over 100 songs, founded his own publishing company, completed his first CD of original music in 2007 and runs his own recording studio. Tom started his professional career as a teenager filling in for bands that didn’t show up to play at bars. Although he wasn’t of legal drinking age, he could play solo, sing, keep a crowd entertained and make the bar money. Tom’s influences include Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Jethro Tull and Bach. He is a member of SOCAN and TAXI and is a registered poet with the National Library of Poetry.

Reg Brown (Bass, Vocals)
Home Town: Cambridge, Ontario
Reg is a dynamic performer and entices the crowd with his desire to show everyone a good time. When Reg was a young boy his father took him to the music store and sacrificed his wage to purchase him a new guitar which Reg still plays today. The gesture was not wasted on Reg as it’s made him who he is today which is an accomplished performer and well-respected guy. Prior to joining TRM, Reg was hired to play on cruise ships.

Jeff Brown (Drums, Vocals)
Home town: Cambridge, Ontario
Downtown Jeffrey Brown, as his brother Reg refers to him, is the spectacular drummer with TRM. Jeff has played drums all his life and has played in many different bands but TRM is his all-time favorite. It’s still hard for some audiences to comprehend that he can sing and play drums so well and all at the same time. Jeff is a professional drum teacher showcasing his talent and expertise to others wanting to learn the beat.

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