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Good ol' Fashioned Rock n' Roll
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Sam Holladay

Sam Holladay began as a duo of Jordan and Ben in September 2016. After writing a few songs together, they decided to enlist their friend Owen to play saxophone on some of their songs.

The songs sounded so much better with Owen that he became a full member of Sam Holladay.

The new trio of Sam Holladay then decided to enter into a local Battle of the Bands. But they still needed a drummer. Ben suggested they ask his friend Patrick if he wanted to play drums for Sam Holladay.

Patrick said yes and thank the Good Lord he did, because the band got at least 4000% better with him on the drums.

Now, with James on the bass, Sam Holladay is an interesting blend of indie vocals, indie/math guitars, jazz saxophone, metal/math drums, and rock bass. As Sam Holladay continues to write more music, their sound takes on its own unique flavour, with influences from all across the musical gamut.

Sam Holladay is currently in the mixing/mastering process of their debut EP.