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Ultimately Southern Ontario’s  best  live entertainment….Reflexion is a versatile dance band made up of decades of musical talent and live experience. Specializing in entertainment catered to both the corporate and private markets, Reflexion has kept the dance floor packed for more than 10 years. Members include Mary Tabone- lead vocals,  Dave Tabone – lead vocals and keyboards, Ronnie Velenosi –  electric and acoustic bass and background vocals , Steve Curto -lead guitar and background vocals, Dave Curto – lead vocals and Drums and Troy Neeb – multisaxophonist and percussionist.

Dave Tabone

Dave brings to Reflexion over 20 years of professional stage performance. He has an honours music degree from the University of Western Ontario and has taken music groups to and performed on-stage in Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Montreal, Nashville and New York City. Dave has his musical roots in jazz and classical piano but he loves jammin’ in all styles of playing from blues to R&B, rock & funk with Reflexion.   When he is  not on-stage with Reflexion, Dave spends his life educating students in instrumental, keyboard and vocal music and directs the acclaimed 300 voice B.R Xpression Vocal Ensemble and the 80 piece Celtic Fusion concert band.   Dave uses Korg and Roland keyboards but his passion is playing the acoustic grand.    Dave performs regularly as a solo pianist and is often called upon to accompany many other talented musicians in the field of jazz and classical music.

Dave Curto

Dave Curto has been in the Hamilton music scene since he was 16 years old. After beginning his musical career locally, he attended the University of Western Ontario and received a 4 year Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Administration. While there he extended his musical horizons, playing in several ensembles and bands. Dave is a well-rounded musician, who plays several instruments, and is a published composer. He’s also active in local musical theatre, and has been the musical director for several musicals in recent years.

Steve Curto

Steve  is a pro guitarist who has been playing for over 20 years. He has performed hundreds  of gigs with various groups over the years and is certainly one of Hamilton’s most versatile guitarists, excelling in classic rock, funk, blues, and jazz. Steve  helps to perfect Reflexion’s stage sound by providing solid shredding on his axe.   His skills go beyond the guitar as he is also comfortable on the bass and the keyboard.  Steve is a full time music teacher with the Halton Catholic School Board and is a graduate of Western University in Music Administration.

Mary Tabone

Mary has a voice for all styles of music. She has been singing professionally for over 20 years and spends most of her weekends performing at private functions in the form of weddings and cocktail gatherings. At night Mary can be heard wailing some R&B, classic rock and top forty hits as the lead vocalist in  Reflexion.   Mary has been heavily involved in teaching both vocal and keyboard music over the past 15 years and spends her daylight hours working as a lead member of the Ministry of Education funded ‘Artsaround’ music program.  Equally skilled as a pianist, Mary has also served as Musical Director for countless stage productions such as ‘Beauty and the Beast’, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’, ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ and ‘The Sound of Music’, and also arranges and directs music for the 100 voice  Jr. Xpression Vocal Ensemble and the 75 voice S.T.M Junior Vocal Ensemble.

Ronny Velenosi

It was around the age of 10 – somewhere between his incessant accordion playing and his building of hybrid electrical projects in the garage – that Ron decided he wanted to play an instrument that his dad still hasn’t figured out. Once his mom realized what a bass was, she at once had his dad structurally reinforce the home, and remove all glass objects. Almost immediately, Ron removed all the treble knobs from stereos in the house and placed them in a flaming sacrifice offered up to Marcus Miller, the God of Bass. After being banned and forcibly removed from numerous bands and music venues weekly over the past 30 years, he has finally been permitted to perform with Reflexion (after much groveling and a substantial security deposit). At one recent performance, someone in the crowd noted that “the bass player really stands out”. This was probably due to the fact that Ron was not wearing his hat on that particular evening. He was recently voted “Most Talkative” in a recent poll by Active Non-Voting Seniors Magazine. He received 4 votes.

In reality, Ron is an awesome groove master at the bass.   He has played in countless bands over his professional music career and adds excellent vocal chops to the sound of Reflexion.   Ronny uses a custom 5-string Furlinetto, a  Fender 4-string fretless  and has been playing his  workhorse Fender Jazz for over 35 years.   His bass rig includes Mesa Boogie power and Ampeg cabinets and he has added the versatility of MARK bass amplification most recently to his live stage set-up.

Troy Neeb

Troy has his degree in music education and has been playing professionally in the London, Hamilton music scene for over 20 years. He has recorded with many artists and has performed on stage with International artist such as Gino Vanelli. Troy not only brings to the Reflexion stage excellent sax chops but also is a talented multi-percussionist.   His overall musical talent is truly breath-taking making Troy a very valuable member of the professional Reflexion sound.   Troy and Dave work together as a duet on many cocktail/ jazz events setting the mood for any event requiring style and class!

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