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No Idea Band

Glen Fowlie  –  Lead Vocals

In 2015, Glen Fowlie and Marc Avaria founded the No Idea band with the vision of bringing  back the hits they grew up with.   Glen was born in Toronto and started singing in choirs in grade school. When he reached high School at North Toronto Collegiate, he joined a band and found his way on to the stage of a number of  popular Toronto music venues including Larry’s Hideaway, the Masonic Temple Concert Hall, and  many private functions. A lively stage performer, Glen establishes a strong rapport with audiences of  all ages. He takes great pride in making the “No Idea” musical experience special for everyone.  A successful Sales Executive with a major consumer packaging goods company, Glen is also a busy father of three, a Ringette Coach, and an avid athlete. Despite his full schedule, he has always found time to maintain his love for singing. His early influences included Elvis, Prince, Paul McCartney, Sting, and The Tragically Hip. He has the range and ability to cover a variety of vocal styles, which makes him the centre piece of the No Idea sound. 

Marc Avaria  –  Lead Guitar,  Keyboards, Accordion, Vocals

The No Idea concept was created by Marc and Glen Fowlie on a  sunny afternoon in July of 2015. Since then, it’s been a fun adventure working with a talented group of musicians to bring the band to life. Marc’s education in music started at an early age with piano lessons. But, all that changed when he held his first guitar. He was addicted! In high school, he played a number of string, woodwind, and percussion instruments for different bands. His musical influences included Rock, Jazz, Country, and Classical artists. But his true love was playing the guitar in a Rock band that he and his buddies started in a dirty garage. Many gigs, performances, and success followed, but as the old Bryan Adams song goes: “Jimmy quit and Jody got married “. Today, Marc enjoys a successful career as an executive in the financial industry. He and his wife make their home in Burlington Ontario along with their daughter and the twins; Oscar and Felix the cats. His current musical interest are: “anything that will get an audience up dancing and having a good time”.

Troy Miller –   Rhythm Guitar, vocals

Troy joined the No Idea band in November of 2015 after years of playing with different local bands. He grew up in Mississauga/Oakville, Ontario, and at the age of 15, his Aunt gave him a old guitar that wouldn’t pass for firewood. He embraced that old axe and used it to learn the fundamentals of music. He soon purchased his own acoustic guitar and has been collecting and playing guitars ever since. His musical influences include Rock, Blues, Celtic/Newfoundlander, Pop, Funk, and Country. In addition to playing with local bands, Troy has also developed a Solo one-man band Looper project and can be seen performing at local bars with his guitars, Cajon drum, and Celtic string Merlyn. Recently, he took his one-man show on the road playing sunset cruises for 3 weeks on a chartered sailboat in Costa Rica.  A member of the Hamilton Fire Department, Troy spends his free time travelling to surfing hotspots around the world and riding remote trails on his adventure motorcycle.

Les Szilagyi  –  Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Harmonicas, Vocals

Les joined the No Idea band in December of 2015 and is one of the anchors of the band’s rhythm section. His youth was spent in Burlington Ontario where by his own admission, he started playing the Bass Guitar in high school to be cool! The plan worked and he quickly became part of his high school band playing bass in  a number of productions.  He went on to play bass with other bands including a current collaboration with a rock work-band called Matured Unit.  Les had many musical influences growing up, but he lived on a straight diet of pop Rock which included Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, and Tower of Power to name a few. Today Les is a successful Financial Advisor, he is married, has two daughters and when he’s not playing his bass he’s busy renovating his cottage.

Dave Buffett  –  Drums, Percussion

Dave joined the No Idea band in January of 2016 after many successful years playing and recording with other local bands. Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, Dave started organ lessons when he was very young. However, his musical influence at the time was his uncle who played side drum in a Scottish pipe band. By the time he was 8, Dave was captivated by the drums, but had to wait until he was 13 before he could start taking lessons. As his skills developed, he too joined a Scottish Pipe band as a drummer, just like his uncle.  In high school, Dave and a few pals formed a rock band and spent several years touring the local bar scene, including a performance at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival. In 1999, the band also recorded and independently distributed a number of original songs. Today, Dave is an accomplished graphic designer, an avid athlete, and a self-professed fanatical “Parrot Head” fan of Jimmy Buffett’s music and lifestyle.