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Top 40, Motown, 80's, 90's, Funk, Rock, Indie
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Molly’s Chamber

Since 2009, Molly’s Chamber has steadily evolved into a cover band that specializes in filling dance-floors and functioning as the perfect entertainment to a night out. Their setlist is tailored to delivering song-after-song of fun, upbeat music that you can dance to.Molly’s Chamber plays music ranging from the 1950’s to today, drawing from rock, funk, motown, pop and Top 40 to deliver a balanced sound that remains energetic throughout the night. Starting with a versatile singer who impresses with her vocals chops as well as her keyboard skills, the Chamber keeps things moving with a tight, banging rhythm section that drives the tempo. Finally, what’s a band without some impressive guitar wizardry? This band has plenty of that, ranging from classic riffs and solos to technology-inspired ambient, textural motifs. Molly’s Chamber is a party machine that doesn’t stop until last call. Try to keep up!