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Justin Kwitco & Flux

Toronto-based cover band Flux began their musical expedition after Justin Kwitco (Bass/Vocals) Milan Kratochvil’s (Lead Guitar) no-word Craigslist ad. Literally – the post was just a video of Milan showcasing his blinding chops. After a successful first meeting, Justin invited his old school friend Sean Yoon (Guitar/Vocals) to create an explosive rhythm duo.

Gasper Barone (Vocals) and Justin, initially met through a mutual friend. Having worked on a few musical projects together, Justin reached out to Gasper, knowing that Gasper’s electric presence would be the perfect fit.

Jeff Dantowitz (Drums) auditioned in 2017 to complete Flux. He brought experience and an extreme passion for music.

Flux covers various sub genres and generations of rock. You can expect to hear music from the 60s to present when attending a show. For Flux, it’s important to play songs that stimulate your nostalgic senses.