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Rock Music
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Jack Sith

JACK SITH is a Hamilton-based rock cover band that plays an A-Z list of popular artists from the 20th century. The 3 members also play in PRISMIND.

The members……..

To say Kelly Kereliuk is a highly-skilled guitarist is an understatement. In addition to being an instructor and session player, he is a versatile guitarist, capable of playing in all styles and all genres. In particular, his finesse, speed and accuracy make him an outstanding guitarist amongst his peers. Kereliuk’s riffs are the driving force behind the band’s style and repertoire. His work can also be found on Steve Negus’s (formerly of SAGA) solo recordings.
Drummer Mike Harshaw is an accomplished master of the drum kit. Nicknamed, “The Machine”, his sophistication and intricacy in his approach to drumming make him a force to be reckoned with. As the drummer for Prismind, Harshaw brings a unique and aggressive edge to the band’s live show. Harshaw was also the drummer for the established Canadian metal band ANNIHILATOR. He has toured the world and played to sold-out audiences around the globe.John Mamone is a veteran musician, songwriter and producer. His vocal skills are second to none with powerful, perfectly controlled melody and harmonies. Possessing a wealth of over twenty years of live theatre experience, Mamone’s vocals are performed with dynamic delivery and prowess. He has shared the stage with big-name acts such as Big Sugar, Pete Best, The Trews, and performed with members from I Mother Earth and Finger Eleven.