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Erin’s Malore

Erin’s Marlore is a fun all female Celtic trio. Playing traditional Celtic songs that include drinking songs, sea shanties, folk and some popular tunes.

CelticHere is a little background on all our members so you can get to know us a bit better. All of our lives revolve more or less around music in some form or another. We have all been playing multiple instruments for a number of years, and we all very much enjoy being able to perform a type of music we are all passionate about.

Loren is able to play violin, guitar, piano, and flute. Erin is a singer and plays flute and piccolo. Marla is also a singer, and can play piano, guitar and the bodhran.

The band would also like to put a very special thank you out to Jennifer French for taking time out to take such awesome pictures of us! To continue with our thank you’s EML want to thank Al Bourke, Ryan Colangelo, and our friends and fellow awesome band The Devil’s Drink for helping us out with everything from wise words, equipment and sound help, support, and aid with management. We would not be where we are right now if it was not for you guys!

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