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Roots, Rock, Funk, Blues
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Delmar Junction

Delmar Junction is a roots rock band from Southern Ontario, Canada residing between the major urban centres of Toronto and Hamilton. Equally rhythmic, aggressive and delicate yet always brutally honest, their music is best described as vintage rock and roll with a distinct soulful twist. The band is currently preparing to record their debut album while continuing to win over lovers of the live music experience.

The idea behind Delmar Junction was born out of singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris James Dennis’ vision of lending priority to his extensive library of original music, compiled over the better part of a 25 year independent songwriting career. The sonically powerful stylings that bassist Brad Cantin, drummer Rob Leclerc and saxophonist Sir Mack bring to those songs are what form the heart and soul of Delmar Junction.

Marching to the beat of their own drum from day one, Delmar Junction’s priorities seem to fall somewhat left of centre. Their focus is on musical interaction and the understanding that each of its four personalities and contributions are what make the band unique and special in today’s market. Their driving force is the live music experience and always striving for that special interaction between band and audience – that moment when there simply are no boundaries between the two.

Delmar Junction has a refreshed goal of continuing to bring their unique blend of vintage rock and soul to more and more audiences while focusing on the daunting task of selecting the most appropriate material for their upcoming debut album.