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Modern and Classic Rock
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Crank is a 4-piece band comprised of veteran musicians from the Hamilton music scene. We play modern and classic rock throughout southern Ontario.

Jamie Petrie has been part of the Hamilton music scene since before he was born (?). That’s right, the music of the Hammer is in his genetic code. His father played the local scene, and his brother is also a well-known guitar player. Despite his smashing good-looks, Jamie is the humble member of Crank.

Jeff Astle has played stages around North America with premier tribute acts and is currently writing and recording a full-length CD of original music. Jeff attend the Applied Music program at Mohawk College in Hamilton.

Gerry Schaefer has been singing and playing bass in recording acts and cover bands from Toronto, London, St. Catharines, and Hamilton since the mid 80s. His hair is nowhere near as big as it was when he was a young lad, but his shoes are somehow bigger.

Len Mancini has also worked with premier Hamilton-based cover and tribute acts for over two decades and has never once hurt anyone’s feelings on purpose. Len can bench-press Gerry’s amp (and Gerry) without breaking a sweat.