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rock, funk, reggea, latin, jam
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Adam’s Rib

“Derek Lathrop knows when to hush and when to push, in the service of a song’s dynamic” THE TORONTO STAR
“Strong Melodies, and good grooves” THE MISSISSAUGA NEWS
“a unique sound, incorporating very personal lyrics and pleasing melodies to create an original musical style” EYE OPENER
“Passionate, driving, and very personal” EYE MAGAZINE

It all began in the basement studio of a Mississauga home back in 1996. That’s when Derek Lathrop (multi instrumentalist, composer, producer, engineer) honed and formed the sound that is now known as adams rib. A fusion of the sounds of pink floyd, bob marley, stevie wonder, led zeppelin, u2, and queen rolled into one to create “SCENES FROM A CORNER STORE”, the debut effort, released in 1997. The title track quickly garnered success on radio and at Much Music. Derek formed a live band and promptly hit the road. adams rib has been touring every year ever since.

The road experience definitely provided inspiration for the next record, so in January of 1999, adams rib convened once again in the Mississauga home studio to work on the next release, “NEVADA”, a mostly live off the floor recording, which was released in May of 1999. This tour saw the band share billing with Santana and Sting. They also did countless festivals, performing at Canadian Music Week, and NXNE, as well as countless T.V. and radio appearances across Canada.

adams rib have always maintained a good work ethic touring Canada and abroad year of year without fail, sharing the bill with Stevie Nicks, Nickelback, Judas Priest, Loverboy, Goo Goo Dolls, Counting Crows, and the Allman Brothers, just to name a few of the diverse acts that this diverse band has played with. They performed in Chile in 2009 which really kicked off the bands foray into latin music. This is a band that loves to play live, and show off their musical diversity switching between rock, reggae, latin, jazz and funk effortlessly. Jamming between songs with complete fluidity the band members are all schooled musicians.

2011 ushered in the release of “Free Music” one of the bands most requested tunes. It was released to radio in June of that year. The single hit the top 100 on the Mediabase Rock charts at stations across Canada. Followed in 2013 by another charting single on Canadian radio called “souvenir”. Since it’s inception Derek always wanted to a maintain a good work ethic constantly releasing singles and entertaining hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe.

Derek finished up the bands tenth studio recording of new material at the end of 2012 and released “Chameleon” in may of 2013. Mostly performed by Derek and recorded in his home studio “TROY”. This recording showed  Derek steering into a world music type vibe. The record was rereleased in 2016 with new bonus tracks and a french version of the song “Aller” as a bonus. This recording was accompanied by a brand new Latin CD called “eL Derek”. A compilation of songs written over the course of 2008-15 completely in Spanish. There had been some hesitation to mix the Spanish with the English songs on full length CD’s in the past so Derek decided to clean up the catalogue by compiling all the Latin songs on one disk.

Derek continue’s to keep adams rib  performing  with some of the best musicians from the greater Toronto area.

1997 – Scenes From a Corner Store
1999 – Nevada
2000 – Hollow Bodies
2001 – Forever Café
2007 – Blue
2009 – Free Music
2011 – After August
2013 – Chameleon

2016 – eL Derek


  • Saturday February 08th
    The Augusta House