April 10, 2020

05:30 pm

Derek Palango

Rock / Alternative
Derek Palango has been playing music live since 2009 and tinkering with tunes since elementary school. He has spent over a decade covering songs by greats such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Led Zeppelin, The Tragically Hip and beyond.Palango’s voice is described by Barber Shop Podcast as “vexing … strong {All about the band}

April 17, 2020

05:30 pm

Johnny Ancient

Johnny Ancient’s musical inspirations include a wide range of great rock/pop/alternative musicians spanning many eras. From the early days of Beatlemania to the present experimental sounds of bands such as Radiohead, Johnny Ancient is driven by the past and present universal forces of music.

May 1, 2020

05:30 pm

Nolan Hubbard

The story of Nolan Hubbard is a story of travel and motion. It’s about a years-long, continent-spanning adventure of self-discovery and self-improvement that he continues on to this day in pursuit of his dreams. It’s about the unstoppable compulsion he has to learn and experiment artistically. Above all, it’s about taking souvenirs from all the {All about the band}

May 15, 2020

05:30 pm

Cory Mercer

Cory Mercer is a singer/songwriter, recording engineer, music teacher and musician. Working on debut full length solo album. Choose love. Always.

May 22, 2020

05:30 pm


While Mykul is the lead singer of STONE THE RADIO who focus on alternative rock, Mykul plays hits across all eras and genres in his acoustic shows. Frequently partnered up with a guest in the MYKUL DUO, engaging the audience is his specialty as well and turning every evening into a fun filled, sing-a-long party!