July 1, 2017

07:30 pm

The Great Canadian Fiddle Show

Canadian Fiddle Music
The Great Canadian Fiddle Show preserves and celebrates Canada’s rich musical heritage through traditional fiddling and step dancing. Visiting the breadth of Canada’s diverse regional styles, the show captivates audiences with energy and mastery. The Great Canadian Fiddle Shows provides fiddle-frenzied and family-friendly entertainment for music lovers of all ages. The show is filled with […]

July 1, 2017

08:30 pm


Cut to the late ’80s…. a talented group of young rockers called the Nu Hippies (nee Maudlin’s Eleven) is tearing it up. Singer/guitarist/frontman John Paul Pasinato and keyboardist extraordinaire Ian Howells enjoy line-ups at Willy Woggs, a Y108 contest victory and opening spots for Nazareth and Moist. They have a rehearsal space next to the […]